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The auto transport industry is expected to reach a revenue of $9.9 billion in 2023 with a stable market. This attracts both good and bad players to the sector leading to bad customer experience in some instances. You can use many effective auto shipping tips to choose the best auto transport company for a smooth experience.

For many, auto transport is a standard service, transporting your car from point A to point B. However, there are many small things that you can do to make car shipping an easier and safer process. This article explores several auto transport tips that will make your car shipping experience effortless. 

Auto Shipping Tips for Effortless Transport

Many big and small auto shipping tips can help you save costs and make your life easier. We have carefully tailored these tips for effortless transport benefits to help you choose the best auto shipping company.

Choose the Best Transport Method

For an effortless transport of your vehicle, you can optimize the transport method. There are several methods that transporters use including open transportation, enclosed shipping, and private containers (for international shipping). Many customers opt for the open transportation method as it’s the cheapest, however, the vehicle is exposed to the weather and debris throughout the journey.

Alternatively, the enclosed shipping method provides additional effortless transport benefits in terms of vehicle safety. The enclosed shipping method also protects the vehicle from extreme weather like sun or snow, ensuring it arrives in better condition at the final location. 

Look at Breadth of Service

An experienced auto transport company will have various services available depending on your location and demographics. For example, transportation for a car dealer service would be different than for a homeowner moving for vacations in terms of timelines and urgency. Depending on who you are, you should opt for a service provider that is experienced in that area. Planet Auto Transport provides a range of services for homeowners, college students, military personnel, and car dealerships. 

Prepare Your Car

Among other common auto shipping tips, preparing your car timely can save you a lot of stress. By washing your car beforehand, you can have a good idea about the car’s condition. This can make the documentation process when the auto shipping company picks up your vehicle. You can also clean your car, removing any unnecessary or expensive items timely to avoid the loss of important items. 

Research and Compare

Researching well can save you a lot of money and effort when shipping your car. Start by shortlisting auto transport companies that are reliable and budget-friendly. Here are a transport tips that can come in handy:

It is also a good idea to compare quotations from shortlisted shipping companies. Most companies offer free quotations on their website or by call. At Planet Auto Transport, you can get a free quotation with a few simple clicks – get a free quote now!

Effortless Transport Benefits: Additional Auto Transport Tips

Some additional auto shipping tips can save a lot of time and effort. Many people end up regretting that they didn’t use these tips for peace of mind and better service. 

Request GPS Tracking

Between large haulers, bad weather, and mounds of paperwork, deliveries can get late in auto shipping. Many people often worry about their cars in this situation fearing damage or theft. To avoid this, a convenient tip is to request a GPS tracking service from your auto shipping company. This can help you track your vehicle’s location in real-time and avoid worrying about its location.  

Study Pick-up Methods

Many companies offer several pick-up methods such as terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door. As the door-to-door is more convenient, many customers end up choosing that. However, a terminal-to-terminal option can be more cost-effective, especially if the terminal is close by. To save on shipping costs, you can search for the pick-up terminals closest to you and search for those companies.

Document Closely 

Having documented proof can help you settle insurance claims in case of any differences with the shipping company. Taking photographs of your car’s interior and exterior including any minor scratches and dents is crucial. For additional documentation, you can snap a picture of the odometer to record the mileage. This will make sure that your car is not driven around in your absence.

Confirm Driver Experience

Interior of an auto carrier showing the hands of a truck driver.

Making sure that your car arrives safely at the pick-up location should be your top priority. One important factor to consider is driver experience in vehicle handling. Drivers experienced in auto transportation are better accustomed to bad weather conditions and careful vehicle handling. 

Read Regulations (International Shipping)

International shipping is more complicated with unique customs and regulations for each country. If you are shipping to a specific country, it is better to read their regulations regarding the port of entry and documents required. Some countries may also have additional car cleaning or quarantine requirements that must be fulfilled before clearance. 

Final Words

These transport tips can help you save additional costs while enjoying the service of a reliable auto transport provider. By planning, comparing costs, and researching transport companies, you can enjoy effortless transport benefits. Moreover, by understanding small transport tips like reading regulations, verifying driver experience, and requesting a GPS, you can effortlessly transport your vehicle.  

At Planet Auto Transport, we are dedicated to providing a reliable service to all our customers for an effortless shipping experience. We understand that auto transport shipping can be a complicated process for many customers. Our commitment is to assist our customers in every possible manner and make their auto transport journey smooth and seamless. To get a free quote, visit our website now:

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