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Both exports and migration increased considerably in 2023 due to rising globalization. Exports of automotive vehicles reached their highest in 2023 while migration also shows a similar trend. Similarly, the need for international car shipping has also sharply risen with many vehicle owners and companies interested in worldwide auto shipping. 

Overseas car shipping can feel like a complicated task for many with lots of paperwork involved. This can lead to delays, additional fines and penalties, and a lot of stress if not addressed properly. What vehicle owners and car dealerships require is a reliable auto transport shipping company with years of experience in international car shipping. 

Understanding Different Shipping Methods

Cars being loaded and transported on  cargo ship.

There are several shipping methods available for global auto transport depending on your need. Let’s have a closer look at these. 

Roll On/ Roll Off (RoRo)

This is one of the most popular and cheapest methods available. The vehicle is transported on a cargo ship by strapping it with hundreds of other vehicles. This upside is that you can save some money, but the downside is a higher chance of damage through exposure. 

Enclosed Shipping

Enclosed Shipping is another popular method, especially for vintage or classical vehicles. In this method, your vehicle is shipped in an enclosed container protecting it from damage and exposure. Many vehicle owners prefer this method in international car shipping, especially on longer routes for their peace of mind. 

Air Transport

As with most services, there’s always the option of using air freight for global auto transport. This is the fastest and safest method to transport your vehicle quickly and efficiently. However, this pro comes with a huge price tag which many vehicle owners find too expensive and unnecessary to pay. 

Researching Customs Fee

Customs fees and international regulations are additional factors in worldwide auto shipping. Many vehicle owners find them too complicated and difficult to manage due to legal paperwork. However, ignoring these can result in penalties and increase the hassle of international shipping. At Planet Auto Transport, our custom brokerage solution allows for smooth international shipments!

Similarly, you can also search for any additional sales tax or customs duty you are liable to pay at the destination. Usually, this information can be provided by the shipping company and the destination country’s port authority. To minimize these costs, it is advisable to do your research and then discuss your requirements with your shipping company.

Preparing Documents

International shipping is all about documentation and you need to prepare all the paperwork timely to avoid any delays. There are several documents that you need to draw up depending on your port of entry/exit and type of delivery. A few common ones are listed below: 

In addition to these, you may also require several forms from different departments such as the U.S. Department of Transportation for compliance purposes. 

Pro-tip: If you are a car dealership, you may need several other documents such as a bill of lading and bill of sale. We provide custom solutions for car dealerships for seamless overseas car shipping. 

Overseas Car Shipping: Additional Factors

There are several additional factors that can make your worldwide auto shipping journey worry-free. These are explored below. 

Ready Your Car

A man washing a car.

Just as with local shipping, you need to make sure that your car is ready for international shipping. Make sure to wash your car and record any damages by capturing photographs. Another good idea is to remove any additional accessories (external or internal) that can add weight to the car to reduce costs. Likewise, check the vehicle’s mechanics such as battery charge, tire pressure, and fluids. 

Pro-tip: To protect your car from unwanted damage while on the cargo ship, you can purchase additional insurance such as marine insurance. This will help you cover any damages that may arise in transit. 

Cost of Shipping

There are many factors that you need to consider when calculating the cost of your shipment. International shipping can cost anywhere between $4,000 to $5,000 approximately depending on distance and location. Air transport is considerably more expensive given its quick and exclusive service. Here is a detailed guide about the cost factors you need to consider when shipping your vehicle. 

Pro-tip: To get a free quote at Planet Auto Transport, simply go to our cost calculator feature and input your ship to and from locations. By simply entering any location around the globe, you can get a direct quote in no time! 

Compare Auto Shipping Companies

Many auto shipping companies provide international shipping services which makes it difficult to choose the best fit for yourself. As a rule of thumb, take the following things into account: 

Final Words

International car shipping may sound intimidating at first, but with the right shipping company, you can have a seamless experience. However, it is important that you research about shipping types and regulations yourself to follow the procedure of your shipping company. It is also a good idea to follow the additional factors such as getting your car ready and comparing shipping companies to choose the best service provider. 

Planet Auto Transport takes immense pride in its international shipping function with years of experience and satisfied customers. At our company, the focus is to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers through efficient and reliable service. For international car shipping, visit our website now at:

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