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Choosing the best car transport company can be difficult with more than 4,500 shipping companies registered in the U.S. alone. Many vehicle owners find this task overwhelming from researching a car company to receiving the vehicle at the new destination. There seems to be a trade-off between price and convenience such as choosing between enclosed auto shipping or alternate methods. 

This article explores different stress-free transport methods that can make the auto transport journey convenient and organized. It also provides a roadmap to understanding subtle tips that can save you a fortune when prices are high. By following these tips, you can save a considerable amount while also staying confident in the car transport process.

Understanding Vehicle Transport: A Stress-Free Transport Journey

Whether you are a homeowner or a car dealership looking to transport vehicles, it can be a stressful journey. Having a clear roadmap for transporting vehicles including the steps and tricks, can make it significantly easier.

Choose Enclosed Auto Shipping 

Most vehicle owners opt for open shipping primarily because it is cheaper compared to other shipping methods. However, the vehicles are exposed to the sun and debris as when they are transported on the back of a trailer. A better alternative is to choose enclosed auto shipping where your vehicle is transported in a covered trailer. 

Enclosed auto shipping ensures that your car is protected from exposure and dust. Additionally, if you are interested in exotic car transport, enclosed shipping can provide an additional layer of protection. 

Compare Costs

Cost to transport car across country is another big factor that adds stress when choosing the best auto transport company. Pricing can vary significantly depending on the location, season, transport company, and vehicle type. For example, transporting the vehicle to a remote location in winter will cost more than shipping it to a common location in the routine season. 

Pro-tip: You can save a decent amount by actively negotiating with your vehicle shipping company. This tends to work well especially in the off-season when transport companies can offer a discount to fill the trailer. 

Don’t Compromise on Insurance

All auto shipping companies are mandated by law to have cargo insurance. This covers damage and theft of vehicles while it’s in transit. It’s always a good idea to ensure that your shipping service provides full insurance coverage. You can request a certificate of insurance from your auto transport company to avoid any later mishaps. 

Many auto transport companies also act as brokers between the customer and the shipping company. In this case, broker’s insurance can provide an extra layer of security in case of any unwanted incidents. The bottom line is to keep your car insured throughout transit for a stress-free transport journey. 

Additional Tips for a Worry-Less Trip  

Three trailers on the road.

Many vehicle owners ignore the ‘little’ factors that can make transporting a vehicle an easy journey. These additional tips can help you factor in these ignored factors to make the shipping process virtually stress-free. 

Shipping Methods

In door-to-door service, the vehicle is picked up from the door by the company and then transported to an exact new location. In terminal-to-terminal shipping, you will have to drop off your vehicle at the terminal and pick it up yourself from the pick-up terminal. Many vehicle owners prefer the first option as it is hassle-free and more convenient. 

However, it is relatively expensive and may lead to the risk of additional damage as transport trucks are not accustomed to smaller roads. Terminal-to-terminal shipping can help save more money and reduce additional hassle in terms of damages and scheduling problems. 

Route Management

Many vehicle owners overlook the fact that common routes cost less than remote locations. Moreover, frequently traveled destinations have a reduced chance of delays compared to isolated places. If you can find a big city or popular location at a safe distance, it is better to opt for it. 

This will make the whole process hassle-free as it will reduce the chance of delays. Moreover, well-travelled routes are cheaper with more competition allowing you to pick and choose the best auto transporter. 

Car Transportation Services from State to State

There are many car transportation services from state to state with varying levels of expertise. You should look for a car transporter that is experienced in managing routes, ideally owns its trailers, and has multiple terminals. For example, Planet Auto Transport is available in San Franciso, New York, and Boise among many other locations. 

Cost to transport car across country is another important factor that you should consider. For instance, choosing off-season for transportation when the demand is low, can help you save a considerable amount. 

Exotic Car Transport 

If you are interested in exotic car transport, you need to ensure that your precious vehicle is delivered without any damage. For enhanced safety, you can opt for enclosed auto shipping and door-to-door delivery. This may increase the cost of transporting; however, the vehicle would be well-protected. 

You can also purchase additional liability insurance or ask your automobile insurance provider if it’s already covered. This can also add another layer of security for your exotic car transport and make it a stress-free transport journey. 

Wrapping It Up 

Shipping your vehicle can be a stressful experience, with a lot of moving parts and the added stress of relocation or time constraints. You can optimize your journey by choosing enclosed shipping, ensuring insurance, and comparing costs effectively. Moreover, there’s always a chance to save a good amount by understanding seasonal and route effects to make the journey more stress-free!

At Planet Auto Transport, we understand the importance of a stress-free transport service for our customers. We ensure timely and quality service at an affordable price to ensure premium service to our clients. With years of experience in the industry, we are proud to be the best car transport company. Visit us today, to get your free quote

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