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Are you planning to move across the country for work or college? Perhaps you are moving because of a military assignment or vacation. Whatever the reason may be, there’s always the stress of moving your vehicle safely to your new location. Many vehicle owners desire a Pre-Transport Car Checklist that can take care of their concerns.

Many vehicle owners find the auto shipping process tiring because of so many ‘checks’ they need to complete. Well, don’t worry as we have prepared a custom Pre-Transport Car Checklist that takes care of all your worries. This car inspection list covers all the details you need to know to ship your car safely to your new location.  

Pre-Transport Car Checklist: The Essential Factors 

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There are many essentials of a comprehensive Pre-Transport Car Checklist that you need to understand. These essential factors will assist you in having in preparing your car for shipment until it is loaded on the auto carrier.  

Take Photographs 

Another crucial factor of your car inspection list is to take ample photographs of your car before drop-off. This small trick can help you record and document your car’s condition and act as proof in case there are any issues. A good auto shipping tip here would be to snap photos from different angles especially any damaged areas of the car. That’s why it is important to select an auto shipping company that is efficient and experienced. 

Pro-tip: You can also take photographs of your interior to make sure no damage happens inside. While you are at it, snap a picture of the odometer to record mileage; you don’t need the service driving your car around the country!

Clear Your Car

You should clear your car thoroughly by removing any personal items in the car. Make sure to double-check under the seats, inside the glove apartment, and across the storage area. Remember, securing your documents is your responsibility; you need to ensure is done properly.  

Similarly, it is also a good idea to remove any accessories from your car that are detachable and valuable. For example, you can remove outside accessories such as roof rails, ski racks, and bicycle carriers. By removing everything extra, you can reduce the possibility of damage to these accessories. 

Clean The Car

Cleaning the car is one of the most overlooked factors when preparing for auto shipping. Many vehicle owners assume that there’s no need to clean the car because it’ll eventually get dirty again when shipped. However, cleaning your car thoroughly can help you identify its condition better such as small scratches and dents.

This can also help you in filling the car condition report quickly and accurately. The report is used by many shipping companies to assess the condition of the car. While washing the exterior of the car is recommended, you can also clean the interior of the car by clearing out the floor mats and vacuuming.

Complete A Mechanical Check 

Another important point on the Pre-Transport Car Checklist is to ensure your car is mechanically sound. Start by inspecting any fluid leaks as they can result in costly maintenance if not addressed quickly. You can also check the emergency breaks and anti-freeze levels if transporting in colder weather. 

Pro-tip: If you are unsure about inspecting the mechanical workings of your car, it is better to call a mechanic. While you may have to pay the mechanic, it can save you a bigger expense later. 

Car Inspection Checklist: Additional Factors 

Several additional factors on our car inspection checklist can help you prepare a car for transport seamlessly. These factors are overlooked by many vehicle owners when preparing their cars for shipping. Let’s understand these!

Maintenance Check

When you are in the final stages of checking your Pre-Transport Car Checklist, it is a good idea to confirm the technicalities. It is important to check the tire pressure to prevent flat spots in transit. Similarly, it is also a good idea to lubricate the door latches to avoid damage from extreme weather. 

Pro-tip: As an additional layer of protection, you can use a car cover to protect your car from debris and dust. Check with your auto shipping company to know whether they allow this option. 

Record The Settings

If you have any custom settings in your vehicle such as seat adjustment, automatic light control, and radio presets make a note of these. If they are changed to default in transit, you can re-do them without any hassle once you pick up your vehicle. Similarly, you can choose to pause any downloads for your system to avoid any data usage.

Pro-tip: For many car dealerships, their customer must receive the vehicle in the exact state. This is why we ensure that our logistics our aligned with providing our customers the best service.

Get An Extra Key

If you don’t have an extra key, it is recommended that you get one made. This is because the driver needs to access your car when loading it on the auto carrier. To avoid any inconvenience for yourself when you pick up your car, it is better to have an extra key made. 

Pro-tip: While you are having the extra key made, it is a good idea to dislodge any custom alarms you may have installed in your vehicle. This ensures that both you and the driver have a smooth experience of transporting the car smoothly. 

Check The Battery and Gas 

Many vehicle owners refill their gas tanks when preparing to transport their vehicles. One of the best auto shipping tips is to fill the tank up to a quarter only. This is because your vehicle is transported on an auto carrier and does need to be running for most of the journey. Also, additional fuel means more weight which can increase the cost of transportation. 

The final check is to inspect your battery and make sure that it is fully charged. This will make it easier for the driver to load your vehicle easily on the auto carrier. Remember, if the car becomes inoperable due to a dead battery, you may be charged more to load the vehicle because of a specialist vehicle!

Wrapping It Up 

Having an easy-to-follow Pre-Transport Car Checklist can help you immensely as you prepare your car for its transport journey. By ensuring that all essential factors such as cleaning your car, taking photographs, and removing accessories are checked, you can seamlessly ship your car. Moreover, by checking the additional factors off the car inspection list you can become worry-free from the car shipping process. 

At Planet Auto Transport, our goal is to serve our customers with efficiency and reliability when shipping their vehicles. Whether you are a homeowner moving for vacation or a college student starting college, our service is tailored to your needs. With the right balance of quality and price, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. To get a free quote, contact us now!

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