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Many vehicle owners who are moving in a busy season end up with serious shipping problems because of demand and supply. This leads to additional costs, sub-par service, and added stress on top of moving to a new location. 

The shipping issue is a real problem nowadays as the auto shipping industry is seasonal. This means weather, holidays, and seasons all play a part in fluctuating demand and supply. In this article, we will first explore potential seasonal car shipping issues and then explore real shipping solutions. 

Understanding Seasonal Car Shipping

Demand (and prices) are usually higher in summer, and spring compared to fall and winter. However, weather conditions are harsher in fall and winter leading to common delays and price surges. Let’s explore the seasonality in more depth below. 


A road covered in snow passing through a forest.

Winter translates to extreme weather with snows and blizzards across the United States and even internationally. This results in route delays, sick drivers, and overall shipping problems for the car shipping industry. Moreover, many routes are permanently closed due to inclement weather which causes additional issues for timely shipping. 

Many shipping services are also not equipped with transporting in winter leading to contracted supply. Moreover, vehicle owners who are moving to colder regions often find it difficult to drive their cars in challenging conditions. Even though demand is lower in winter, a rise in fuel costs and route disruptions can cause delays and cancellations. 


Spring is another season that brings higher demand as many homeowners are moving for vacations and work. Many holidays also coincide with the summer season leading to a shortage of experienced drivers. This can further cause supply restrictions and increase the cost of shipping a vehicle. 


Summer tends to be one of the busiest seasons. Many college students are going back to college while many military personnel are also moving. Also, car sales are highest in the summer months because of better weather and tax refunds. While delays are fewer in summer, some states such as Florida see a lot of rain which can create shipping problems. 

Pro-tip: If you opt for open shipping, rain and mud can ruin the car while in transit. You may have to wash your car once you pick it up. One way around this is to opt for enclosed shipping which can provide a car for your car and protect it from rain. 


Fall is when we witness the snowbird (also called sun-seeker) effect. This is when many vehicle owners residing in colder parts of the country move south to spend summers. As the journey can be long and tiresome, most opt for a secure auto shipping service company to transport their vehicles. At Planet Auto Transport, we understand seasonal trends and provide a tailor-made all season auto transportation service.

Seasonal Shipping Challenges: Identifying Problems

Many shipping problems arise because of the seasonal fluctuations. This can cause major problems for vehicle owners who are unaware of this trend. Let’s look at these challenges below. 

Reduced Supply

Harsh weather conditions and the holiday season lead to reduced supply in the car shipping industry. This means limited availability of carriers, drivers, and locations leading to delays, route changes, and even cancellations. This shipping issue can become a real problem if you want your vehicle to be delivered on time.

High Costs

With high demand and low supply, the prices shoot up adding to the stress of shipping your vehicle. Costs can rise considerably if you find yourself in the middle of a busy season with high demand. Many vehicle owners end up paying these higher costs as they are unable to find alternatives or drive their vehicles themselves. 

Constant Stress

Having your car shipped while moving yourself is a major stress test for many vehicle owners. Most car owners worry about their vehicle’s condition while in transit and want it delivered as quickly as possible. When shipping in the busy season, delays and in some cases, damages can add to the worry of shipping your vehicle safely. 

Real Shipping Solutions: Making Shipping Easy

Containers on a port.

There are several factors that can make seasonal car shipping a hassle-free journey. These real shipping solutions help in planning ahead and reducing costs when shipping your vehicle. Let’s explore these below in detail. 

Compare Costs

Costs can vary depending on your destination and your vehicle type. You can compare several automobile shipping companies based on experience and reputation. Choose the company that offers the right balance between price and quality for you. 

Book In Advance

It is a good idea to plan and book your shipping service in advance. This can help you save a considerable amount charged for last-minute bookings. It also helps in locking a fair price timely and reduces the worry of last-minute searches on the internet. Booking in advance also helps you narrow down your search to the best shipping service and avoid low-quality auto shipping services. 

Secure Timely Delivery

Delay in delivery is another shipping issue that is common due to seasonal fluctuations Many owners complain about receiving their vehicles late which ruins their plans especially if they are time-bound. To secure a timely delivery vehicle it is recommended that you make an off-season booking. This can save you the hassle and worry that comes with delays and you can receive your car without any shipping problems!

Wrapping It Up 

Seasonal car shipping is a real phenomenon that many vehicles owners tend to ignore. To avoid shipping problems due to the snowy season in winter or the movement of the sun-seekers in spring/summer, it is wise to plan. Similarly, you can avoid shipping problems by sticking to the basics of being flexible, researching well, and opting for a quality service provider. 

At Planet Auto Transport, we understand the unique challenges that arise due to seasonal moves. We offer a reliable, efficient, and time-bound service to ensure that your vehicle is delivered securely without any hassles. Get a free quote now by visiting our website:

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