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Planet works with a vast network of independent truckers and auto carrier companies, ensuring that you get the best and safest driver for the job. The vehicle transport company that we assign to your order is required by law to have cargo insurance in place that covers your vehicle. We complete our due diligence before every order is assigned, checking and verifying whether the policy is active and valid. Rest assured, your car will be fully covered for its journey when you book with Planet!

Once we assign an auto carrier to your vehicle. we’ll provide you with a direct line to the dispatcher of the vehicle transport company in charge of your order. You can contact the dispatcher for more information about your driver’s location and estimated arrival time. In general, your driver will call you at least an hour before arriving at your pick-up and delivery locations.


We understand that life happens. That’s why Planet offers one of the most flexible cancellation policies in the vehicle transport business! You may cancel at any time before a driver is confirmed and dispatched for your order, risk-free. If you need to cancel after a driver is dispatched to your vehicle, you will only be charged for a non-refundable service deposit agreed to at the time of booking. Please note that we are unable to cancel any order after a vehicle has been signed over and picked up by your driver. For questions about your particular order, feel free to call us at 224-218-2949.


After your order is dispatched, we’ll provide you with your auto shipping carrier’s contact information. While your driver is prohibited by law to respond to inquiries while driving, the dispatch team for the auto hauling company assigned to your order should be able to give you an update in a timely fashion. You may also call our vehicle transport service team at 224-218-2949 for questions and concerns about the status of your auto hauling order. We will be happy to assist you and work with your driver to provide a status update.


Planet works hard to find the right driver at the right time to fit your particular schedule and shipping needs. Drivers usually create their own schedules for certain pick-up areas based on proximity and timing, and they are assigned to particular orders as close to the first available date of your pick-up window as possible. Our expert vehicle transport dispatch team will be in contact with you as soon as more information is made available to us. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 224-218-2949. We’re always happy to help.


Once we’ve assigned a driver to your auto shipping order, we’ll contact you and bring you up to speed. Please note that drivers usually create their own schedules within 24 to 48 hours of your pick-up date. We usually assign drivers to orders in their respective areas during that time frame. However, that’s just a rule of thumb — assignments are sometimes made before of after that 24-48 hour window based on a driver’s particular situation or the nuances of your auto hauling route. Regardless, we will notify you as soon as a driver is confirmed for your order.


At Planet, we pride ourselves on providing you with flexible payment options. Whether you book your auto shipping order via our vehicle transport cost calculator or with an agent, you are free to either pay the balance outright or set up a partial payment plan. If you choose to pay your auto-hauling balance outright, your credit card will be charged for services at the time of your driver’s dispatch. In partial payment scenarios, the card will be charged for the agreed amount and the remaining balance will be due to your driver either at pick-up or delivery. Please note: drivers only accept cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks for COD/COP payments. We can’t charge your credit card for the remaining balance due.


Most vehicle transport providers require that your clear your vehicle of all personal items before shipment. While your vehicle is fully insured on its journey from Point A to Point B during a professional car shipment, your belongings are now. Unless you clear an exception with your driver due to special circumstances (for an added fee), remove all personal belongings before signing off at pickup. Your driver may refuse to ship your car with items in it, or you might incur added fees for extra weight. For more information, contact us at (224) 218-2949. We’re here to help morning, noon, and night.


Yes. The higher the weight of a car, the more it drags on the fuel economy of your driver’s car hauler. Thus, your vehicle’s make, model and weight are factored into any car shipping quote you might get. Also, if a driver’s truck is caught overweight at a weigh station, any added weight not cleared by your car shipping provider could lead to additional charges and fines. For more information about how the weight of a car shipping order affects pricing, call us at (224) 218-2949. We’ll be happy to assist and book a shipment for you when you’re ready to go!


Planet offers premium car shipping services for exotic and classic car transport customers. We recommend shipping an exotic or classic car in one of our premium enclosed car haulers. The added cost of enclosed shipping is counterbalanced by the added protection it provides to your car’s paint job and body work. Each year, our network of experienced classic and exotic car shipping experts moves thousands of unique vehicles across the United States. Grab a quote from our car transport cost calculator right now and experience the Planet difference in classic & exotic vehicle transport.


To pass U.S. customs when shipping a vehicle, the car must be paid in full or authorized for shipment by the lien holder. If the car has an lien, it will be rejected unless you’re a government employee or military member with special clearance. If you’ve paid your car off, there are several documents you’ll need to move a car overseas. These docs include two copies of government-issued identification, a complete register of vehicle info, shipper and consignee information, and potentially a Bill of Sale (notarized or otherwise). From some ports in Florida, a Power of Attorney that authorizes agents to clear your documents may be needed. Finally, be sure to have certified copies of your title on hand. And research your destination country for any added paperwork you might need when the car hits the ground there.


Most reputable car shipping companies nowadays offer GPS tracking services for shipments in transport. Some offer periodic updates about your vehicle’s location via a third-party app, their website, or SMS notifications. Other vehicle transport providers include real-time GPS tracking so you can see where your car is at a given time. GPS tracking is a great way to monitor your vehicle shipment without playing phone tag with your driver. Per federal regulations, car transport haulers can’t answer phone calls on the road. So, the only way to get real-time auto shipment updates (or close to it) is with the help of GPS tracking software.


The cost of shipping a vehicle varies by season due to supply and demand. The fewer customers in the queue for a vehicle transport service, the better chance you’ll get a deal for your auto shipment. Also, factors such as driver availability and route accessibility can play pivotal roles in determining your total vehicle transport costs. For more information about how much it will cost to ship a vehicle at the time of your choosing, head over to our car shipping cost calculator. Within seconds, we’ll provide you with vehicle shipping quotes and an option to book a spot right now!


It’s up to you. We recommend a tip of 5-10% of your bill for local and state-to-state car transport services. For long-distance car transport services, it’s customary to tip your transporter about 10-20% of your total bill. However, it’s ultimately your choice. You can tip your vehicle transport driver more or less based on your budget, comfort level, and satisfaction with the service you’ve received.


The easiest way to ship a car across the United States is with a reliable, reputable vehicle shipping company like Planet Auto Transport. With Planet, you can easily grab multiple car shipping quotes and schedule car shipping services with our vehicle transport cost calculator. Whether you need expedited car transport services or you’re open to a more flexible vehicle moving schedule, we’ve got options that’ll work with your schedule and budget. Moving a car across the country is no small task. Rather than moving it yourself and risking wear and tear on your vehicle while incurring added cost of time lost at work, food, lodging, and gas, ship your car with a professional car shipping company you can trust. You’ll be glad you did.


Yes! In fact, shipping a car with a professional car transporter is safer than moving a car yourself — especially over a long distance. For one, this is your driver’s career. Our drivers are expertly trained in the loading, unloading, and transport of vehicles like yours. Also, your car isn’t being driven from Point A to Point B when you ship a vehicle professionally. Thus, you forgo the potential damages incurred when driving a vehicle for hundreds or thousands of miles. At Planet, our network of 29,000+ car haulers carries a sterling track record for safety, security, and successful vehicle shipments. It’s not only safe to ship a car with Planet. It’s the smartest way to move a vehicle in the United States.


Your car shipping cost will be affected by multiple factors involved with your particular shipment. The cost of moving a car will increase or decrease based on the time of year that you ship a vehicle, the make and model of your vehicle, the locations of your pickup and drop-off points, the accessibility of said points, the working condition of your vehicle, and the vehicle shipping company you work with. And that’s not all, as other car transport cast factors can pop up seemingly at random in our industry. For a complete picture of how much it will cost to ship a car right now, head over to our car shipping cost calculator at your earliest convenience!


There are several insider tips for you to use to save money on car transport services. For one, you can save hundreds on a car shipping quote if you’re flexible about when you ship a vehicle. If you ship a car during peak season, chances are you’ll end up paying a premium for service. Choose an off-peak time like autumn or late winter for a better rate. Also, ensure that your pickup and drop-off locations are easily accessible by a car hauler. The less work your driver has to do, the more you can save on your vehicle transport cost. Finally, choose for open car hauling for the cheapest car moving services out there. In short, the more research you do, the more money you can save on vehicle transport.


Even if you’re shipping a car on a budget, choosing the lowest price possible may not be the best way to go. You should always opt for a trusted, reliable car shipping company with a track record for secure, safe vehicle shipping. Spending just a little more to ensure your car is in good hands with licensed, fully-insured drivers is worth it. Also, transparency is essential. For example, Planet Auto Transport’s team of car transport experts is available around the clock to field your questions, comments, or concerns about our services. You can also track vehicle shipments in transit with the help of our state-of-the-art GPS tracking service. Look for value in a vehicle shipping company. And accept no less than the best car shipping customer service you can find.


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